Dr. Dany Lousky is a Grand Master Transformer, therapist, researcher, and teacher in the fields of integrated medicine and holistic education. He is the developer of the Lousky Method of Integrated Medicine using 32 Intelligences with the Integration of Art. 
The Lousky method is an educational treatment method – spiritual holistic psychotherapy.
It is interdisciplinary, integrated for the balance between body and mind.
The Lousky method is based on Western scientific approaches, Eastern holistic approaches, and the format of 32 intelligences according to the Book of Creation,
which is attributed to the Patriarch Abraham. 

The Lousky method is a format that enables integration with educational and treatment methods.
The method is taught at the Lousky College in a four year program for training therapists and instructors in the Lousky method. 

The curriculum consists of a variety of therapies, such as holistic psychotherapy,
healing, meditation, guided imagery, medical massage, movement, nutrition,
body wisdom, assessment through the tongue and pulse, dream psychotherapy,
acupuncture, Bach flowers. All the therapies integrate the arts
 (sound 0f, form, and color), drawing, sculpting, writing, poetry, music, and drama.

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